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Protective glass for the touch panel with a diagonal of 8′

The touch panel is an important element with which you can effectively and easily control the functions of the car’s head unit using your fingers to touch certain areas of the display. However, with all the advantages, it has one important drawback – a sensitive screen, which experts consider extremely vulnerable and prone to all sorts of mechanical damage.

To solve this problem, we suggest purchasing an eight-inch protective glass for the touch panel of different car models. This step will allow you to maintain all the ergonomics and efficiency of machine control, while reducing the possibility of damage to the sensitive touch panel. The glass offered by us has a number of important characteristics that allow you to guarantee reliability and high quality protection – thanks to this, you can feel more confident in the process of operating the car.

Key Features and Benefits

  • worthy quality – protective glass made in compliance with all technology requirements, so it meets modern international standards;
  • high strength and reliability – tempered glass with a hardness of 9H is extremely resistant to scratches, cracks and other mechanical damage;
  • small thickness – this type of glass belongs to the category of ultra-thin;
  • high sensitivity – the presence of protection on the touch screen does not create any obstacles in controlling the system functions;
  • oleophobic coating – you can not worry that fingerprints, as well as accidental drops of fat or oil will remain on the surface of the protective glass;
  • convenient care – special wipes are provided with the protective glass, with which you can carry out comfortable, effective and safe cleaning of the surface from dust, dirt and other foreign substances;
  • Affordable price – the cost of protection is in any case much lower than the financial costs expected in the event of damage to the display.

Mounting the protective glass on the touch screen is simple – this operation can be performed independently and it does not take much time and effort. Take care of saving the screen of the car’s multimedia system and place your order – we will be happy to fulfill it as soon as possible.