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Noise isolation

Noise insulation of the cabin

In the process of moving the car, many sounds are created, which in the complex can become a source of serious discomfort for the driver and passengers. The sound of a running engine, the screeching of gravel, the rustle of tires, the impact of small stones on the bottom, the knocking of plastic, the whistling of the oncoming air flow – most often this cacophony has an extremely negative effect on the psycho-emotional state of a person. Noise isolation of the interior makes it possible to effectively solve this problem and ensure the comfort of people in the car.

All modern cars have standard noise insulation, but it does not always fully perform its functions – if this is the case, it is recommended to contact specialists who will take appropriate measures. Complex noise insulation is a complex and time-consuming procedure, during which the car is partially disassembled and the most critical areas are covered with anti-vibration and noise-reducing materials. Most often, the roof, trunk, doors, space under the wings, etc. are treated.

If you are worried about too much noise while driving, contact us – the specialists of the Avtobutik studio-atelier will help you solve the problem!