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Why is full body wrapping with armored film important?

Every car owner knows that body repair is a separate kind of headache. So many factors will affect the final result, ranging from the quality of materials and preparation, and ending with the skills of the master. Therefore, it is better to avoid damage to the body in any way than to pay a round sum for its repair later. Protecting your car is actually not that difficult. An excellent assistant in this matter will be a protective anti-gravel film.

Protective polyurethane film (armor film) is by far the most effective technology for protecting the paint layer of your car. Thanks to it, the body is in an invisible, but at the same time very strong case, which carefully stores the car cover. And given the quality of modern roads, this service becomes a real necessity. The film provides reliable protection against gravel at high speed, from chips, sand, from rain with hail and even in the event of an accident, your car is likely to remain unscathed.

The main advantages of full wrapping a car with armored film:

  1. Full protection of the paint layer of the car body. Sand, branches, bitumen, tar will no longer cause damage.
  2. Protect headlights from damage and wear. Over time, the headlights become cloudy, polishing only exacerbates the situation, removing the protective layer. The film will help preserve the coating.
  3. Luxurious look for your car. Will it be as shiny as after a car show, or maybe you like a matte finish? Modern films give ample opportunities to decorate your car.
  4. Long service life. After gluing, the service life of the film without loss of properties is from 5 to 10 years.
  5. Availability. The cost of the service, as a rule, does not exceed the cost of repairing 1-2 small chips.