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Every day, your great car is exposed to a variety of natural phenomena, as well as poor-quality road surfaces. Atmospheric precipitation, temperature changes, gravel and sand on the road can scratch it at the slightest contact.

Scratches can be of several types: some are immediately noticeable even in low light, others are visible only at a certain angle and only in the sun. It happens that there are too many small, imperceptible damages, and the effect of “dullness” appears on the car. If you want to get rid of such troubles and give your car its original shine and color depth, we offer you a body polishing service.

Types of car polishing

  • Restorative polishing of the car – elimination of minor defects (scratches, abrasions).
  • Protective or preventive polishing is the treatment of the body with a special solution, due to which a polymer film is formed that is resistant to sand-salt mixture and UV radiation.
  • Abrasive surface treatment auto-restores the top coat of a car’s paintwork to “brand new” condition.

Car polish price

The cost of this type of work is always individual. What will be the price for your car, experts will be able to say only after a full review. It usually depends on a number of factors:

  • Workload
  • Service completion time.
  • The choice of materials to be used for polishing.