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Pasting with films

Pasting the car with colored and protective films

Pasting with films is one of the popular types of car styling today – practice shows that in this way the owner of the vehicle can comprehensively solve a number of important tasks. Modern industry produces film coatings made of different materials and designed in completely different ways – this gives the car enthusiast the opportunity to choose an option with optimal characteristics and design for his car.

Main advantages

Factors causing high demand for car wrapping films include the following:

  • high level of protection against scratches and chips;
  • immunity to moisture and ultraviolet radiation;
  • stylish appearance of the car;
  • simple and quick installation procedure;
  • long service life, subject to adherence to pasting technology;
  • the possibility to get rid of the film at any time;
  • low cost.

Studio-atelier Avtobutik offers its services for pasting cars with film – we have a wide selection of professional matte and glossy films of various colors and textures. Contact us – we guarantee high quality and loyal prices!