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Application of protective ceramic coatings

Covering the surface of the car with ceramic compositions

Any car owner strives to find the best way to protect the body from unwanted external influences and achieve an aesthetic appearance. One of the best means to solve this problem is a ceramic layer used to cover the car. This option is characterized by serious advantages – that is why many motorists choose it.

What is a ceramic coating

The ceramic layer used to cover the car body is a product of nano-technology, which is a mixture of silicates, quartz sand and polymers. In order for the coating to lay down evenly, an organic silicon solvent is added to it. Aluminum oxide and titanium dioxide are added to the formula to enhance hydrophobic properties and obtain a specific glossy shine.

Basic functions

The ceramic layer on the car body performs the following tasks:

  • protects against mechanical damage;
  • provides resistance to the influence of atmospheric factors;
  • repels water, dirt and aggressive chemical reagents;
  • gives the surface a pleasant glossy shine.

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