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Detailing the interior of your car

Our company offers its services in professional detailing of the interior of your car – this will return it to its original attractiveness, as well as make operation more enjoyable. We use specialized tools and technologies – with their help we manage to achieve results that are impossible with conventional cleaning or dry cleaning.

What is detailing

The term “detailing” refers to the comprehensive maintenance of the interior, aimed at giving the interior the look it was in when the car was released by the manufacturer. After a certain period of operation, a large amount of dust appears inside – it falls on plastic and varnished wood. In addition, mold spores, bacteria and other microorganisms that can harm human health settle in the cabin.

To get rid of all this, Ling child specialists perform the following operations:

  • upholstery, ceiling and door cleaning – for this purpose, universal products, specialized extractors, as well as professional equipment for surface treatment with active ingredients are used;
  • deep cleaning of the floor covering – it is performed using special tools, as well as using an extractor and textile preservatives;
  • removal of dust and foci of the spread of microorganisms in hard-to-reach places and the air conditioning system by means of dry steam treatment;
  • aromatization of the cabin and removal of unpleasant odors;
  • dirt and water-repellent upholstery treatment;
  • destruction of pathogenic bacteria using an ozone generator

In addition, scratches, scuffs and burns are removed from panels and skins, surfaces are polished with antistatic balms, leather elements are cleaned and plastic parts are treated with hydrophobic and ultraviolet agents.

In what cases do you need a child ling salon

In principle, the procedure for children of the ling is periodically needed by all cars whose owners care about the appearance and cleanliness of their vehicles. But this service becomes especially relevant in the following cases:

  • when the car is ready for sale;
  • before participating in auto shows, exhibitions or competitions;
  • to strengthen the status of the owner and increase his respectability;
  • to increase the degree of comfort before a long trip or journey.

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