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Interior detailing

The children’s concept of lingu combines a set of measures to care for the interior of the car – in fact, it is dry cleaning, during which dirt is removed from all elements located inside the car. At the same time, the floor, ceiling, seats, trunk, as well as parts made of plastic, textiles, etc., are carefully finished.

Important points

In the process of linga children, a number of effective means and tools are used to achieve the desired result:

  • safe chemical reagents for removing old stains;
  • steam generator for processing textile lining;
  • specialized brushes and brushes that make it possible to perfectly clean hard-to-reach areas;
  • conditioners for leather and textile interior elements that soften the material and also protect the texture from the penetration of dust and dirt;
  • ozone generator used for disinfection and elimination of unpleasant odors.

If necessary, Ling’s children’s specialists can completely or partially disassemble the interior – in some situations, only such a solution allows the work to be performed at the proper level.

If you need to clean the interior of your car, contact Avtobutik studio-atelier – we will take care of everything!