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Body detailing 2022

Body polishing

During the operation of the car, the body is exposed to negative external influences, as a result of which small scratches and cracks appear on it. This may be the result of contact with the branches of low-growing trees and shrubs, traces of scrapers and brushes for removing ice, etc. It should also not be forgotten that there are always small grains of sand and pebbles in the flow of oncoming air – they have an abrasive effect and leave a small cobweb on the paint coating.

To get rid of damage, the depth of which does not exceed the thickness of the paint covering the body, it is recommended to resort to professional polishing. This is a procedure that consists in treating the surface with special abrasive pastes. Using a polishing machine, wheels and pastes with different grain sizes, you can return the paint coating to its former aesthetics. However, to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to have a good understanding of technology and know how to properly prepare the car – this will require appropriate qualifications and experience.

Contact the Avtobutik studio-atelier for professional polishing services – don’t doubt, your car will be like new!