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Why car detailing is needed and how it is done

Detailing is a set of measures aimed at bringing the interior and exterior of the car into perfect condition, using the most scrupulous methods and means. The term “detailing” is translated from English as “detailing” – it suggests that during the procedure attention is paid to the smallest details. It is this concept that came to us from the USA, where the tradition is very popular to take care of expensive cars diligently, polishing them – that is why they have vintage cars so often on the roads that they look incredibly impressive.


The secret is not that American and European roads are better than ours – of course, this is one of the reasons, but it is far from the main one. Among other things, a whole culture of professional car care has been formed there – this allows you to keep cars in excellent condition.

What does a professional children-ling center offer

Experts say that the basis of a qualified child ling is competent polishing – it is very important to follow the technology of polishing and surface treatment with protective coatings, use the appropriate equipment and tools. It is important to be aware that children’s lingual polishing takes a lot of time – it can take up to three days of hard physical labor. However, the result is worth it – it will be much more durable than with the standard procedure practiced by most service stations.

At the same time, based on the characteristics of a particular paintwork, the specialist selects the optimal polishing bond – an individual approach guarantees the effect and durability. In the procedure of children’s lingual polishing, the following stages are distinguished:

  • removal of dust and dirt from the surface of the paint layer;
  • processing with synthetic clay, which allows to remove foreign inclusions of metal;
  • surface degreasing;
  • installation of protective devices that prevent the polishing agent from getting on rubber bands, seals and plastic elements;
  • selection of polishing system;
  • non-abrasive restorative polishing;
  • final polishing;
  • degreasing;
  • results control;
  • applying a protective layer;
  • drying.

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