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If a few dozen years ago, a large amount of chrome on a car was considered a very effective type of decoration, today the situation looks somewhat different. Modern fashion does not accept ostentatious brilliance – trends that preach completely opposite aesthetic ideals enter our lives. Discreet asceticism, matte surfaces, warm, dull shades – this is the design that is most often preferred nowadays. And that’s why the “anti-chrome” service is becoming more and more popular – some car owners specially cover shiny parts with vinyl film to get rid of the shine.

As a rule, the following structural elements are processed in a similar way:

  • door and window moldings;
  • any types of chrome decor;
  • рadiator grates;
  • front and rear bumpers;
  • roof railing, etc.

“Antichrome” has another important function – it protects the shiny metal elements of the car from aging. As you know, any chrome surface fades, wears off, gets scratched over time – to prevent this from happening, you can hide it behind a vinyl film.

To order the “antichrome” service, contact the Avtobutik studio-atelier – don’t delay and do it now!