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Dashboard protective cover

So that the dashboard of your car is not covered with chips and scratches during operation, and also does not experience other mechanical damage, you should take care of reliable protection. We offer a special coating that will allow you to avoid the appearance of various defects on monitor glasses – by installing it, you can not worry about accidental bumps, friction and other undesirable effects.

What is a dashboard cover?

The protective coating is a shock-resistant 3D glass made using a unique multi-layer thermal forming technology. This made it possible to achieve the following characteristics:

  • transparency 99% – the presence of protection on the panel does not interfere with reading data and using all functions;
  • hardness 9H – it ensures the resistance of protective glasses to abrasion, regular numerous touches, shock loads and other negative influences;
  • high level of ultraviolet protection – the dashboard under the glass does not lose its characteristics due to exposure to sunlight;
  • five-layer structure – this characteristic ensures the reliability and strength of the protective glass;
  • Durability – Dashboard protection is designed for a long service life, during which it does not lose its great appearance and original characteristics.

Options and installation features

Customers have the opportunity to order from us protection for the dashboard of Mercedes E class W213/S213/C238, produced after 2016, in the configuration that they consider optimal. We have the following options for sale:

Basic/Avantgarde/Amg Line for instrument panel and center monitor as a set of four glasses;
Basic/Avantgarde/Amg Line for the monitor in the center of the console in the form of a single rectangular glass;
Amg/Exclusive for large dual monitor as a set of two glasses with rounded 3D edges.

The process of installing protection on the dashboard of a car is, in fact, similar to the procedure for sticking glass on a smartphone display. This is a fairly simple operation that anyone is quite capable of coping with on their own – there is no need to turn to professionals to perform it. Place your order – we will fulfill it with pleasure!